EFAMRO narystė

21 May 2012


efamro, the European Research Federation, is pleased to welcome two new members, OFBOR, the Polish Association of Public Opinion and Marketing Research Firms, and LRSTA, the Lithuanian Market and Social Research Association.

OFBOR was founded in 1997 and represents 21 research businesses. LRSTA was founded in 2011 and represents 12 research businesses. Both organisations were created in response to problems caused by the application of data protection legislation, and have successfully acted to protect the interests of their members.

Commenting the new members, Andrew Cannon, efamro President, said, “OFBOR and LRSTA are great examples of effective national research associations. We are very excited that they have chosen to join the efamro network. We look forward to their contribution and to supporting them in promoting and advancing the business of research in Europe.”

Janusz Durlik, president of OFBOR commented: “Our organisation has successfully advocated for research business in Poland since the mid-nineties. Over ten years ago we introduced an extensive quality assurance scheme, developed in-house. Although it has been great success, presently we see that not all challenges of research industry can be addressed locally. There is more and more demand for lobbying in regard to EU regulations affecting research. Data protection and public data-base samples are just examples. Membership of efamro is natural way to cope with these challenges.”

Artūras Urbonavičius of LRSTA commented, “Besides representing the interests of market research companies when dealing with public authorities and solving industry related legislation problems, another important objective of LRSTA is to enhance the reputation of market research in Lithuania and to support market research companies in providing the highest quality data and analysis. This first of all means requiring them to work in compliance with international standards. We strongly believe that with efamro the possibility of reaching our aims becomes stronger.”


efamro, the European Research Federation, is the voice of the European research sector. We represent over 600 research businesses, accounting for 26% of the global research industry, or €6.1 billion.

efamro’s mission is to:

• Influence legislation and public opinion in favour of research;

• Promote best practice;

• Enforce compliance with the principles of international standards;

• Advise the European research industry; and

• Publish information about the European research industry.

efamro is a member of the Global Research Business Network (www.grbn.org), a joint initiative with ARIA, the

Americas Research Industry Alliance, and APRC, the Asia Pacific Research Committee. Together they connect 27

research associations and over 2500 research businesses on five continents. More than €18.72 billion in annual research revenues are represented by these businesses.

For more information on efamro and its activities, please visit its website at http://www.efamro.eu

For more information on OFBOR and its activities, please visit its website at http://www.ofbor.pl

For more information on LRSTA and its activities, please visit its website at http://lrsta.lt